Breakfast in Baltimore

Here at West Cork Brewing Co. we think breakfast is the most important meal of the day! With this in mind we have incorporated extra helpings of healthy Irish oats and only the finest Costa Rican coffee beans, hand roasted by our friend Shane at Red Strand Coffee. With subtle hints of blueberries, a dollop of cream, a sprinkling of chocolate and a shot of caffeine you have the perfect start to any winters day/night!

Style – Coffee, chocolate and oatmeal stout.

ABV – 6.7%

Flavour –  Coffee. Lots of coffee! Smooth and creamy from the Irish oats with a hint of chocolate.

Grain – pale ale malt, flaked oats, dark munich, flaked barley, roasted barley, carafa III, chocolate malt, crystal.

Hops – East Kent Goldings, Motueka.

Brewed using our own spring water.

Unfiltered, unpasteurised and vegan friendly as only whirlfloc (carrageenan moss) is used to aid in clarification.