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When the Gods Bacchus and Dionysius heard about the explosion of farmers’ food markets in Ireland 20 yrs. ago (and especially the rise of double-barrelled-named coffee-selling entrepreneurs), they grew anxious about bringing their names to the game – especially as they felt their own eon’s-old fare would go down exceptionally well.

Using all their supernatural skills they created a super – 'beerista' if you will, using single new world hops, finest malted grain, a unique yeast and the talents of a local beautiful woman who was born on the Fastnet Rock, raised on the Skelligs (until realising life was a bit soft there) and relocated to the Beacon in Baltimore.

The end product was Kevin, born to brew beer - but in effect made neutral by market laws so he couldn’t sell his miraculous creations to the thirsty public. He wandered the shores of West Cork bereft until a chance meeting with Henri and Dominic at a hooly at the crossroads of Churchcross one night at the celebration of the amalgamation of O Donovan Rossas and Ilen Rovers GAA. West Cork Brewing Co. was born.



Born Thierryardware (Henry) Thornhill, Henri (his actual name) was destined to end up on two paths; to follow his 2nd cousin (twice removed), Thierry, into the fraught career of professional football or to take upon himself to lead his grandfather and then fathers family hardware business in West Cork into the new Century.

This was a great dilemma for Henri so he decided to travel the world using his skills as a naturally gifted footballer, like his more celebrated cousin Thierry, to gain employment with various lower division clubs in Australia, NZ and eventually South America. A period of prison detention occurred while playing reserves for Bocca Juniors when the corrupt accountants didn’t like the sage business advice the savvy Henri imparted to his teams centre-back and reserve goalkeeper, Enrique No Pesos.

Disgusted by the corruption in the sport he loved, Henri began his true love affair with local craft beer which had begun while working as player/assistant/refreshments coach for Dunedin United in NZ. He recorded and documented all the amazing unique beers on his travels and upon deciding to return to his native Ireland and family business he was determined to make sure a local beer would emerge in the greatest footballing parish of Ireland – O’ Donovan Rossa’s. (Skibbereen).



There is an article according to The Southern Star, dated circa 1980/1, that Dominic ‘Draught' Casey was given birth to on the counter of the front bar of his parents local Baltimore institution, Casey’s Cabin, during a stormy night in winter when all the taps of beer had run dry and a local bevy of thirsty fishermen, jowly drunkards, titillated tourists and some suspiciously out of time Barberry Pirates were more than anxious - indeed angry - for more alcoholic beverages.

Like a slightly inebriated, infant version of Jesus, this Bar-Child, according to rumour (and The Southern Star), performed a type of miracle of the Loaves and Fishes – by a simple touch of all the beer taps from this Bar-Child, a constant flow of stout, beer and whiskey flew for all the gathered for 4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days and 14 hrs. until there was no more grain left in Munster to make the beer needed. A legend was born. Ilen Rovers.

Dominic was made Bar Manager at the age of 7 months and 2 days after he had successfully completed his HACCP training and Crawling Level 2 Cert. The rest was downhill.




Weekly tours at 3pm Fridays, beginning May 4th!

Booking is a must!


 00353 86 356 5166

€12 per person, limited numbers will apply. Over 18s only.

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